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From the first confirmation of pregnancy to 6 weeks postnatal, I’m here to guide you through the maize of appointments, tests and preparation for your new baby.
As an Endorsed Midwife with AHPRA, I offer both Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Consultations, in line with Queensland Clinical Guidelines.
With more than 27 years Midwifery and Breastfeeding Experience, I’m well qualified to assist and support young families into the journey of parenthood.
Due to the nature of my practice, I don’t attend your birth, mainly to focus on availing my time to mothers and new families. 
Postnatal consultations are offered in the comfort of your home, ideal for new parents - especially when mothers aren’t able to travel after surgery. Residential visits are best to address any adjustment – and lactation concerns along the way.



  • In-practice consultations 

  • 45-60 Minute Bulk Billed Midwifery consultation

  • Maternal assessment, Fetal wellbeing & Bedside Scan

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  • Home Visits up to 6 weeks Postnatal

  • 45-60 Minute Bulk Billed Midwifery consultation 

  • Health Assessment of the infant (Incl. 1/4/6 weeks Checks)

  • Lactation support

  • Unfortunately no Immunisations are offered by this Practice

Lactation Support

  • Home visits

  • 45-60 Minute Bulk Billed Midwifery consultation

  • Addressing challenges & difficulties, incl.: Painful Latching; Attachment issues; Tongue- &/Lip-Ties; Mastitis; Low Milk supply, ‘Refusal’; ‘Fast Let-down’; Sub-optimal Infant weight gain; Infant Colic; Food allergies/-Intolerances; and more.

  • Travel fee may apply

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Continuity Of Care (COC)

  • Expert care and advice, backed by 27 years of experience

  • Antenatal Care including: Assessments; Antenatal Classes; and Boutique Ultrasounds 

  • Postnatal care of Mother and Baby (Home based)

  • Lactation support

  • Bulk-Billed Consultations (no-out of pocket), including face-to-face and Telehealth Consults.

  • Various Management Fee options available to suit your needs

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