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mother holding baby
mother holding baby


I’m an Endorsed Midwife, passionate about maternal health and medical science, with a diverse background. Schooling includes education with subjects like Anatomy, that piqued my interest in the human body even further.

I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and Midwifery, complimenting it with an Honors component in research, education, and administration. This foundation became instrumental as I transitioned into roles that involved teaching students and contributing to various businesses enterprises.

Originally from South Africa, I immigrated to Australia with my family in 2015. I continued my career at Cairns Private Hospital's Maternity unit, where headed up the 'Know my Midwife Program' and serving as a Midwifery Educator for four years.

In 2018, I established a small private midwifery practice, which has since flourished into a recognised business, offering continuity of care to families across Cairns and the surrounding region. I’m committed to empowering families with informed choices, guided by a strong philosophy of protection and support during the transformative journey of childbirth.

Through the years I met beautiful people, with the privilege to briefly join their life travels, and leaving them empowered as at the end of their pregnancy journey.

I have my Grace, family and friends to thank for their support over the decades, giving the courage to continue giving to those who seek my guidance

Thank you for visiting me here.


As an Endorsed Midwife committed to excellence, I adhere to clinical and safety guidelines as outlined by AHPRA. My practice in adheres to Queensland Clinical Practice recommendations, and I integrate multidisciplinary health support through collaboration and referral guidelines set by the ACM.
Informed consent is paramount in my practice, respecting privacy and legal considerations to safeguard all individuals under my care. I am dedicated to ongoing professional development, staying updated with the latest research and advancements. This ensures optimal outcomes for mothers and babies while honouring parental choices.
I firmly believe that the strength of families flourishes with continuity of care as its cornerstone. By providing consistent support throughout their journey, I empower families to thrive.
This statement reflects my commitment to professional standards, ethical practice, continuous learning, and the holistic support of families through the journey of childbirth and beyond.


Grade 12

National School of Arts (a.k.a. die Kruin), South Africa, 1991.

Midwifery and Nursing Bachelors Honors Degree

University of Johannesburg (a.k.a. RAU), South Africa, 1995.

La Leche League International (Breastfeeding)

LLLI, 2015.

APHRA Endorsement

Screening, Diagnostics, Pharmacology and Prescribing for Midwives, Griffith University, Australia, 2018.

Obstetric Ultrasound

Australian Institute of Ultrasound, Australia, 2019.

EMMETT Therapist

Emmett therapies, Australia, 2019.

APHRA Registration

Midwife, 2014.

EMMETT Therapist

Emmett therapies, Australia, 2019.

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